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Frequently asked questions

What is an ADU?

An accessory dwelling unit, ADU, is an additional structure on your property that is not your primary dwelling. It contains living facilities such as a bedroom, bathroom and/or kitchen. These are also known by other names such as secondary dwelling, in-law suite, garden suite, laneway home, granny suite or guest house.

What is an outbuilding?

An outbuilding is a structure on your property that is separate from your primary dwelling that is not used for living in. Examples may be a shed, office, or garage.

What are the benefits to owning an ADU?

  • No commute
  • Extra time
  • Adding property value
  • All the comforts of home
  • Extra income generator
  • Peace of mind
  • Privacy for work or hobbies 

What trades are required to install my ADU?

You will require an electrician to hook up the power and if your unit has bathrooms/kitchens, a plumber to run water & septic services. 

Do you have certifications & building code standards?

Our 5 acre facility is CSA A277 certified. This means we can build to Canadian Building Code for all jurisdictions in Canada and tag the units with CSA approvals 

Do they have a warranty?

We are a CSA A277 builder so our ADU units follow the same guidelines as a New Home Warranty:

  • 1 year labour & materials 
  • 2 years delivery & distribution systems (mechanical & electrical) 
  • 5 years building envelope protection 
  • 10 years – major structural components (roof, structural steelwork)  

Does owning an ADU increase property taxes?

Our A277 certification allows us to build & classify these ADU units as portable structures, but it is always best to consult your local AHJ.

Is there a sample unit I can view?

Absolutely. You can view our Urban Outbuilding sample unit at:

Urban Outbuildings
5906 45 Street, Leduc
Alberta, Canada T9E 7B4

Planning & design

Do I need a building permit?

You will be responsible for checking your local municipality bylaws, but generally, non-permanent structures that are less than 10m2 (107.6 sq ft) and not for living in do not need a building or development permit. Some municipalities will allow larger structures as well. Depending on the municipality, you may need an electrical-only permit, which is much simpler than a full building permit.

Do I need power, water, sewer or gas installed?

Our units come with a simple electrical hookup and include fixtures, switches and outlets. Trenching and hookup to the home are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. We offer financing to our Canadian clients through and for our American clients we offer financing through HFS Financial.

What type of foundation do I need?

Foundations are in part dependent on your location, soil conditions and available contractors. Typical foundations are:

  • Packed Gravel 
  • Screw (Heloc) or concrete Piles 
  • Concrete pad 
  • Piers systems  

In our initial consult we will go over your site specifics and help recommend what is most suitable to your situation.

What is included in the base price of each model?

Each base model comes with your choice of our standard high quality materials including vinyl plank flooring, quartz countertops, cabinets, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, lighting fixtures, exterior and accent wood colour scheme.

Timing & delivery

How long will it take once I order?

From the time the contract and drawings are signed, it will take about 12-24 weeks depending on size, shop capacity and finish level.

What do I need to do to prepare before delivery?

The place where the structure is being delivered needs to be clear of everything and the ground prepared and levelled with the appropriate foundation installed. In our initial consult we will look at a satellite view of your site and help you decide the best delivery and or craning options.

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    Urban Outbuildings
    5906 45 Street, Leduc
    Alberta, Canada T9E 7B4

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